Usui Reiki

All workshops in Usui Reiki
include manuals, certificate on completion, energized gift, light lunch and beverages.

Level 1 Reiki(No pre-requisite)
Done in a one 8 hour day.
You will learn the origins of Reiki and how it works.
Receive Level 1 attunements.
You will learn how energy can aid in the healing of people, pets and all animals.
Learn how to protect yourself from negative energies and how to use Reiki in your daily life.You will learn how to do a self treatment, as well as how to do a chair session for those who are wheelchair bound or more comfortable sitting.
You will also give and receive a Reiki session.
Cost $170

Level 2 Reiki
(Pre-requisite Level 1)
Done in a 8 hr day.
Review of Level 1You will receive Level 2 attunements.
You will learn the Power symbol and how it is used.
You will learn the Emotional and Distant/Absent healing symbols and how to use them during a session.
You will give and receive a session using both symbols.
You will learn about Time-Released Healing.
Cost $240

Level 3 Reiki
(Pre-requisite Level 2)
Done in an 8 hr day
Review of Levels 1 & 2
You will receive attunements for Master/Practitioner.
You will learn the Master symbol and how it is used.
You will learn about Crystals and how to use them with Crystal Grids.
You will learn how to use Crystals with a Reiki session.
You will give and receive a session using Crystals.
Cost $375

(Pre-requisite Level 2 or 3)
Done is 2 8 hr days with a third scheduled for a later date to practice atonements.
You will review all levels of Usui Reiki.
Receive attuenemtns for Master/Teacher.
Participate in Lemon water ceremony.
Learn the symbols used in a Master/Teacher Level.
Give and receive a session.
Practice attunements for all Levels of Usui Reiki.
Learn how to do attunements on Pets and Animals.
Learn how to develop your own Rreiki business.
Cost $550

*All Levels taught in Usui Reiki meet the high standards of the Canadian Reiki Association

Info will be given regarding eligibility for CRA membership and or upgrading.

Celtic Reiki

All workshops in Celtic Reiki include manuals, certificate on completion, energized gift, light lunch and beverages.
All workshops are done in an 8 hr day.

During the workshops you will learn the various Celtic Ogham symbols for each level and how to use them to deepen your practise and connections to Mother Earth and all that surrounds us.
Weather permitting we will be spending time outdoors listening, connecting and being one with our surroundings.
You will also have a chance to make your own Staves or Runes 
for your Celtic Practice.
You will give and receive a session using the Celtic symbols and tools of your choice.

Level 1
(Pre-requisite Level 2 Usui Reiki)
Cost $170

Level 2
(Pre-requisite Level 2 Usui Reiki)
Cost $240

Level 3 Master
(Pre-requisite Master/Teacher Usui Reiki)
Cost $375

Kundalini Reiki

 This is a Master Intensive workshop taken over 3 days. 
It includes the manual, certificate on completion, light lunches and beverages.
Prerequisite is Usui Master/Teacher

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful form of Spiritual Healing.The combination of Kundalini energy and Reiki work in synergy to promote connection to a very strong energy frequency that leads to Wisdom, Understanding, Love and Peace.
Its primary purpose is to provide spiritual healing and spiritual evolution to humankind and to assist in the journey to enlightenment.

Level 1
This attunement opens the channels allow the Reiki energy to flow. Blockages are removed, except in the root chakra. The Heart and Crown chakras are strengthened and enlarged. This attunement prepares the energy system for the Kundalini awakening and is the equivalent of Usui Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3.

Level 2
This attunement strengthens the Reiki channels and the Kundalini Fire is lit in a way to cause gentle awakening. the Kundalini reaches the Solar Plexus and the channels are prepared for the full awakening.

Level 3 Master Level
This attunement strengthens previous attunements, as are the Throat, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras.
Kundalini Fire now reaches the Crown chakra to initiate a full awakening.

In addition you will receive attunements for Balance, Diamond, Crystaline, DNA, Birth, Trauma Clearing, Location and Past Life Reiki.
After completing this workshop you will be able to teach and attune others to Kundalini, using the manuals and certificates from. the Kundalini Reiki Centre.
Cost $550

Axiatonal Alignment

Mentioned in the Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch, Axiatonal Alignment is an energy healing that allows the natural free flow of energies within our bodies.

This workshop is done 
in a 5 hour day and includes manual, certificate on completion, light lunch and beverages.

In this workshop you will receive an anointment to facilitate the flow of Axiatonal Energy.
You will learn how to do an Axiatonal Alignment on yourself and others, plus learn how it can be used on pets and animals.
There will be ample practice time in class.

On completion of this workshop you will be qualified to facilitate this form of Energy Healing.
Cost $180

Chakra Balancing

Pendulum with Reiki
(Pre-requisite: Level 1 Usui Reiki)

This workshop is done in a 5 hour dyad includes manual, certificate on completion, Pendulum, light lunch and beverages.

In this workshop you will learn how a pendulum works.
How to program your pendulum and how to clear it.
You will learn how to balance chakras using a pendulum and how it can be used with Reiki healing energy.
You will learn how to do a five line clearing using pendulum.
You will give and receive a session using pendulum.
Cost $125

Reiki Practice/Share

A Reiki share or exchange is a gathering of like minded Reiki Practitioners who participate in group healing treatments on each other. The purpose is to give and receive Reiki in an atmosphere of friendship, honour, positive energy and devotion.There is no cost to attend these shares, but a Level 1 Reiki certification is required.
Please watch in Upcoming Events for dates.
**These shares can be used in combination with practice sessions towards your certification with the 
Canadian Reiki Association.

Note: All workshops are taught by two Reiki Master Teachers and follow the Guidelines of the 
Canadian Reiki Association.

Pricing includes:  Certification in each level, monthly Reiki Shares, occasional special fire ceremony, ongoing mentoring and support, updates to manuals as they become available. If space permits refreshers available in each level.
Extra practise time allotted when/if requested.

Disclaimer: As with all complimentary therapies none of the treatments, workshops or workbooks on this website are meant to be a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, treatments or care from your health care provider and are for information and educational purposes only.The services offered are only meant to compliment traditional treatments, they are not intended to replace medical treatments or prevent illness, nor are they meant to substitute for medical diagnosis or care from a registered care practitioner or Doctor.