Reiki can be used in any situation where there is a desire for and an openness to healing. The effect of a Reiki treatment/session is that our supply of life energy is increased and we return to balance. When in this state the body is able to heal.

The treatment/session consists of laying the hands on the body and allowing universal life force energy to flow through the hands to the person being treated.
The practice balances and strengthens the functions and health of the physical body, enhances relaxation and self-awareness and quiets and nourishes the spirit.

Sessions can be booked for in person or Distance healing.

Enjoy a ! hour in person session for $80
Absent healing sessions are $50 
Reiki for kids are 1/2hr sessions in the presence of the parent or guardian for $30

Couples Reiki
Enjoy a session for two.
Restore balance and harmony
 with your partner through Reiki.
A new way to bond.
1 hour session $125

All sessions include a consult prior to or at time of booking.
Sessions can be performed by both Darlene and Jeremy.
Feel the power of two.

Celtic Reiki

Celtic Reiki, much like traditional Reiki treats the body, mind and spirit, bringing balance and rest for healing to begin. The difference is that we are using Earth energy....the strong energy from Gaia herself which comes  up through the base chakra of the practitioner and mimics the frequencies of trees, plants and the elements of Gaia which through the laying of hands on the body works with the energy of the person receiving.
It is believed through the use of Celtic Ogham symbols the client will feel the healing energy of the trees and plants the symbols are linked to and their frequencies will rise.

Sessions and pricing are the same as a Traditional Reiki Session

Axiatonal Alignment

A healing modality that is also an initiation into Divine Awareness. It opens blocked meridians to allow the free flow of energies that have been trapped in our beings. As the energies begin to flow we release all cellular memories that we have been afraid to look at.

A short 1/2 hr session that can be booked on its own for $54
or as an add on to a Reiki or Inner Light Healing Technique Session for 

Inner Light Healing 

A more focused energy based on Chinese healing techniques that combines vibrational energy with massage like movements, gentle rocking and sweeping. Working with acupoints and meridians, this technique releases deep seated trauma and stress, allowing the body, mind and spirit to return to a calm, peaceful, balanced state, creating a sacred space for healing to begin.
The energy flow from this treatment will last for 2 weeks.

Book your 1 hour session for $95

Chakra Balancing

Using Pendulum with Reiki, a five line clearing is done on the client to clear and balance the main energy centres or chakras, smaller chakras on both sides of the body and the aura itself.

Another anergy session that will bring balance and calm to the recipient.
1 hour session $80

Tuning Fork Therapy

A Session for relaxation using Vibrational sound therapy. A gentle, but powerful form of healing that works with the nervous system, the tissues and subtle energies of the body.
A deeply relaxing form of therapy that offers long term effects.

Try this unique form of healing
per session

Quantum Touch

A therapy developed by Richard Gordon that is touch based, using the chi of both practitioner and client, bringing them into harmony to allow the body to heal itself. Using breath work and body focused techniques to raise ones energy levels posture can be corrected, body aligned, pain and inflammation reduced and emotional distress eased. 
A technique that is safe to use with pets as well.
1 hr session $80

Disclaimer: As with all complimentary therapies, none of the treatments, workshops or workbooks on this website are meant to be a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, treatments or care from your health care provider and are for information and educational purposes only.The services offered are only meant to compliment traditional treatments, they are not intended to replace medical treatments or prevent illness, nor are they meant to substitute for medical diagnosis or care from a registered care practitioner or Doctor.